Dental Insurance Claims Billing Services

We Ensure Faster Payments with Timely Claim Submissions

Submitting clean and accurate dental insurance claims is key to leveraging your cash flow. Avoiding incomplete or inaccurate claims can ensure a high rate of claims acceptance, which will eventually reduce your claims aging and results in faster dental reimbursements.

  • Daily Claim Creation

  • High First Pass Acceptance Rate

  • Submit Clean Claims

  • Faster reimbursements

Dental Insurance Claims Billing Services


Claims are batched from CareStack every day at 8:00 PM EST and submitted every day according to your preferred schedule



X-rays, periodontal charts, narratives, primary EOB’s, intraoral photos, etc for any claim that requires an attachment based on your recommended CDT code list



Claims are submitted within 24 hours to the Electronic Clearing House (ECH) after batching

How Do We Submit Claims?

Our team of experts understand the right process and due diligence to be followed during claim submissions

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ishtiaq rouf

Ishtiaq Rouf, GP, Perio

Owner, West Annapolis Family Dentistry

Extremely happy with CareRevenue


"I cannot speak highly enough of CareRevenue. The solution brought a lot of discipline into my practice and I no longer have to call insurance from my office, and that's been a source of joy for my staff. There was a point where my day sale outstanding used to be over 140 days. The CareRevenue team has been able to cut that by half and now we're on track to cut it by another half."


The All-In-One Dental Billing platform let's you achieve smooth dental claims billing and helps your practice achieve more profitability with faster insurance reimbursements.

Choose Electronic or Paper

Choose Electronic or Paper

Claims are usually submitted electronically. Depending on the insurance carriers and your preference we can send them as paper, with or without attachments.

Submit Accurate Dental Claims

Submit Accurate Dental Claims

We identify and correct errors due to any incomplete patient information, inactive plan or provider.

Customizable Claims Schedules

Customizable Claims Schedules

Generate claims as per your preference. Once set, batching occurs everyday automatically unless specified otherwise.

Send Pre-Authorizations

Send Pre-Authorizations

Save your time on sending pre-authorizations, we can submit it for you while you keep track of its status from approval to completion.

Higher Order Claims

Higher Order Claims

For every higher-order claim, the EOB of the lower-order claim is linked along with any other documentation, if applicable.

Easy Inclusion of Exceptions

Easy Inclusion of Exceptions

Include any conditions like holding or not batching claims for any combination of provider, carrier or location.

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