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  • Manage Your complete Dental Revenue Cycle Management
  • Free Yourself from the Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks
  • Provide the Best Dental Experience For Your Patients
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Why Partner with CareRevenue ?

Your Time & Effort

Spend less time worrying about the responsibilities of a dental practice and more time on tasks that matter.

Your Collection

Analyze your data and make informed decisions to boost your revenue and profitability.

Optimal Dental Billing

Make billing easier and more convenient by combining all your processes in one place.

On Our Expertise

Our team is specially trained through best practices developed by Dental RCM Experts to deliver only the best.

Your Patient Data

Rest assured that your patient health records are completely secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.

RCM of CareStack

Save money and time in hiring or training your practice staff to learn any new CareStack features.

Alerts & Monitoring

Create a no-surprise environment for you and your patients with timely notification and messages.

Success Partners

Get guidance and recommendations on best billing practices from our expert Success Partners.

Your Trusted Partner In Dental RCM

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As a new CareStack office, adding the RCM team to our business model has been a total game changer. Since partnering with RCM, our accuracy with patient insurance has increased dramatically. Gone are the days of spending hours on the phone trying to verify insurance eligibility, following up on claims, filing appeals and wondering where the insurance payment is. RCM takes care of everything! We now have more time to focus on our patients, which are our number one priority. Our office has been pleased with the invaluable service that RCM provides.

CAMDEN, Tiffany Selzer

When I was drowning with almost no staff at all, CareRevenue RCM was a lifeline to my practice. They have been an invaluable partner in the management of insurance claims and payments.

Simple Tooth, Dr. Vu Le

CareStack has become our super RCM specialist. After switching to the cloud based software, we have seen a 30% increase in collections without even having to add a single person to the team.

Element Dental , Dr. Haranchal Bains

CareRevenue has helped to simplify our work through comprehensive organization of our revenue cycle management process. Ensuring that we are covered from initial eligibility to claims management and payment posting has enabled our practice to focus on providing great patient care. CareRevenue’s presentations and reporting have been helpful in ensuring that we have an accurate pulse on the efforts that the CareRevenue team is taking to ensure that our RCM process is running smoothly. This has resulted in better time management for our office staff and administrators

BK Vantage, Brent Kaplan