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Payment Posting & Reconciliation

Know Your Money, Track Your Payments

An accurate and efficient payment posting process is indispensable for any healthcare entity.The impact of accurate posting is immense as it reflects the overall picture of your practice’s revenue health.

  • Prevents Recurring Problems
  • Reconcile Payments
  • Better Cash Flow
  • Identifies Payment Trends

How Do We Post Payments?

Receiving Deposit Files from Practice

Data is gathered from the deposit form, which indicates your payments from the carrier along with the payment supporting documents like Electronic Fund Transfers, Checks, or Virtual Credit Cards

Posting Payments from Deposit Files

The payment information is verified with the attached EOB. If the paid amount matches then payments will be posted to the respective claims as per the EOB and accounts balanced, otherwise the practice will be notified

Reconciling the Payments

Practice is notified about the status of the deposit once the payment is posted. A confirmation mail is sent to the practice with a summary that ensures all the transactional records are consistent and up-to-date


Payment Reconciliation

Posting and reconciling data from EOBs and ERAs, ensuring deposits match payment totals

Unique Claim Adjudication

Perform all transactions like write-offs and adjustments as per your standards

Accurate Patient Billing

Move correct balances to patient responsibility for prompt patient billing

Higher order Billing

Identifying claims with secondary payors and processing claims for any remaining balances

Denied Payments

Analyze denial patterns and give inputs to eliminate repetitive errors in the billing cycle

Working with Bank Statements

Access to bank statements ensures that all your payments are processed without any misses

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