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Medical Billing For Dental Procedures

Optimize Profitability by tapping into Additional Revenue Source

Filing medical claims as a dental professional can be an overwhelming task. Understanding the foundational differences between medical and dental claims can help avoid denials to a great extent, reduce any corrections, and collect payments with better efficiency.

  • Save Time on Medical Narratives
  • Boost Revenue and Practice Growth

How Do We Bill To Medical for Dental Procedures?

Eligibility & Benefits Verification

  • Review case for Medical Necessity
  • Coverage, Benefits and Limitations
  • Treatment History

Documentation & Medical Coding

  • Create Detailed Medical Narratives
  • Dental to Medical Code Conversion
  • Create Prior Authorizations Forms

Claim Submission & Follow-Up

  • Claim Submission to Medical Plan
  • Claims Denial Management
  • Appeals and Grievances


Our efficient and extensive service backed by dedicated experts help your practice take advantage of multiple revenue opportunities by billing qualifying dental procedures for medical insurance.

Accurate Claims Filing

Submit accurate claims with proper conversion to medical codes along with diagnostic codes and modifiers wherever needed, along with detailed narratives stating medical necessities and other documentation.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Making sure the patients get the most out of their coverage ensures patient satisfaction, prompting them to return to your practice for repeated care.

Additional Services

Adding new services to your practice, such as sleep apnea treatment, TMJ therapy, or oral surgery, expands your options.

Support Team

We have a dedicated team of experts who provides the support you need for medical billing and to work out each case seamlessly on a daily basis.

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