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Eligibility Benefit-Verification Services

Insurance Eligibility & Benefit Verification

Maximize Your Collection With Accurate Plan Verification

Gathering dental insurance benefit information to the last detail is pivotal and incredibly hectic. While calling insurance companies, your staff could lose a lot of time on hold, asking the right questions and talking to challenging insurance representatives.

  • Better Patient Experience
  • Accurate Treatment Plan
  • Increase Cash Collection
  • Faster Billing Cycles

How Do We Verify Insurance Plan & Patient Benefits?

Patient Identification

  • Current Appointments from CareStack®
  • On-Demand Requests
  • Post-Visit Verifications

Plan Benefits Verification

  • Plan Benefits and Coverage
  • Exclusions and Limitations
  • Waiting Periods
  • Alternate Benefits Coverage

Patient Benefits Verification

  • Patient Eligibility
  • Remaining Benefits
  • Treatment History
  • CareStack® Eligibility Form Filled


Our prompt and comprehensive Eligibility & Benefits Verification service let's you make informed decisions so that you can make the most out of your revenue cycle!

Comprehensive Verification Form

A comprehensive, yet easy-to-refer verification form for the clinical and front-office team will be attached to every appointment

Service Level Managed Environment

Verification is completed 3 days prior to the patient’s appointment or within 48 hours of an on-demand request

Direct Entry

The detailed patient benefits will be entered in Carestack® allowing for accurate fees at checkout

Practice Interaction

Timely notification of escalations/alerts through a HIPAA secure portal, to ensure ideal patient experience

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