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Client Success Services

Client Success

Analyze Your Data And Own Your Money

You are the expert of your practice but data doesn’t necessarily mean you have optimal solutions. Understanding your data and having an effective action plan is highly critical. At the end of the day, you are a dentist and you want to spend your day doing dentistry, not analytics!

  • Insights into your Practice
  • Identify Sources of Cash Leakage
  • Notify Items Needing Attention
  • Plans to Boost Revenue Outcome

How is Success Ensured?

Data Consolidation

Data from your practice like monthly production, payments, adjustments, accounts receivables is consolidated during the month and at the end of each month

Data Observation

Observations are made with the consolidated data. This simply means we can translate our observations into a relative net cash opportunity for your practice


A well calibrated and effective set of recommendations is tailor-made for your unique challenges that will help in leveraging cashflow and improve practice efficiency


Dedicated Managers

We provide you a dedicated client success manager who acts as Single Point of Contact making sure that all your needs are taken care of. Receive information about your pending balances, current days sales outstanding status, actionable items,tips to increase patient collections

Save Time

With our unique services, you won’t have to worry about fetching data or try to make sense of it. Save time, effort and overheads, most importantly give it to where it matters, your patients!

Turning Data Into Insights

Turn valuable data into actionable insights with a report that gives an overview about your dental practice’s functioning. With these insights you can monitor all aspects of your business operations with ease.

Seamless Work Flow

Save your time on sending pre-authorizations, we can submit it for you while you keep track of its status from approval to completion.

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