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Accounts Receivables & Denial Management

Use our Expertise to Track your Receivables with Ease

30 days is the ideal time for a claim to get processed. Anything that takes longer than this should be properly analyzed to understand the delay and fix it so that you don’t leave any money on the table. Accounts Receivables is a key indicator of your practice’s  financial health and plays a major role in reducing the DSO which is a measure of the average number of days that it takes a company to collect payment for a rendered service.

  • Identify Payment Delays and trends
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding
  • Strategies for better workflow
  • Fewer  Claims Resubmissions

How Do We Follow-Up on a claim?

Track Claim Status

Payment information is duly updated after thorough verification via calls and websites to get the latest status of the claim

Make Claim Adjustments

After thorough investigation is done, denied or partially paid claims are adjudicated for a balanced ledger

Reprocess Claims

Resubmissions and appeals are made whenever a payor needs additional documentation to get complete payments


Experience denial free claims and maximize your collection

Follow-up done every 30 days & Consequent follow up

Learn the status of every claim submitted within the last 30 days. Know which claims are paid, pending or denied


Resolve issues such as incorrect subscriber or policy details, invalid fee or procedure code, incorrect payor id etc, that results in rejection


Non-payment causes are identified. Where possible, claims are reprocessed with additional information, to resolve the denials

Partially Paid

Understand the reason for incomplete payments. Reprocess or appeal with additional information wherever possible for the pending balance


Refile claims that need additional information like Xrays, W9 forms, narratives, etc. Fast resubmissions ensure that no time is lost


Appeals are submitted with a detailed narrative and supporting clinical documents to be reconsidered for payment

Claims Adjudication

After all the information is gathered from the payor, necessary adjustments are made like closing a claim, write-offs, transfer balance to patient etc

Interactive Claim Flags

Easy-to-understand claim flags that fit every situation, whether it is to notify about a payment update or to give proper instructions about the next action

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